Yoga Burn Challenge Review
Yoga burn challenge review

For many, losing weight is a losing battle, especially for women. There aren’t many weight loss programs that are specifically designed for the nature of women’s bodies. 

The way women’s bodies respond to certain exercises is different. And, not all women can lift heavy weights or go to a gym or yoga class regularly. 

So, is there an alternative option?.

Well, according to international female fitness specialist Zoe Bray-Cotton, there is one. She presents her ‘yoga burn challenge’ as a perfect yet easy way for women to lose weight and get fit. You can find many yoga burn reviews online that support her statement.

So, Is yoga burn really that effective and easy-to-follow?

Well, let’s find that out in this detailed Yoga Burn review.

Product Name: Yoga Burn
Author Name: Zoe Bray-Cotton
Bonus: Yes
Official Website: Yoga

So, What Is Yoga Burn?

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Many of you are already familiar with yoga, or you must have at least heard about the term yoga. In a nutshell, yoga as exercise is a set of poses or as they call them ‘asanas’ that are designed to improve the overall quality of human life by enhancing our physical and mental health

Over the last couple of decades, yoga has gained significant popularity owing to its proven health benefits. The origins of yoga date back to ancient India. But, I don’t think you are interested in knowing the history behind yoga, nor does it matter here. So, let’s cut to the chase and see what yoga burn is.

As the name implies, Yoga burn is a yoga-based 12-week fitness program exclusively made for women to experience all the powerful benefits of yoga, including weight loss, enhanced metabolism, improved immunity, pain relief, stress relief, many more. 

The yoga burn program comprises a series of progressively challenging yoga poses that target all the fat-storing areas in female bodies to burn excessive fat, lose weight, gain fitness, de-stress and achieve all the proven benefits of yoga. 

Through a series of downloadable/ DVD based follow-along videos, the program teaches you how to perform these poses and how to naturally adapt and increase the challenge to maximize the health benefits of yoga.

The Proposed Benefits Of Yoga Burn

  • Leanness in body
  • Low levels of body fat
  • Flattened stomach
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved immunity
  • Release of tight muscles
  • Relief from pain and soreness
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Mental clarity

A Few Words About The Creator Of Yoga Burn Challenge

One of the things that attracted me to the yoga burn is that it’s created by a woman who understands that the struggle to stay fit and healthy is not the same for men and women. 

The woman who I am talking about here is Zoe Bray-Cotton. She is an internationally certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and female transformation specialist with over 1 million clients across the globe. 

Yoga burn is born from Zoe’s dream of creating a fitness program for women of all ages and physical capabilities to get fitter and healthier without going to gym or yoga classes or any other physically demanding fitness programs. 

Why I Chose Yoga Burn?

Yoga Girl - Ultimate Yoga Burn Review

Yoga burn wasn’t my first attempt at yoga. I’ve been to a yoga class before and had an unfulfilling experience with it. There were several reasons why it didn’t work out well for me. One reason is that I got really frustrated with all the hassle and aggravation that goes hand in hand with the process of getting there on time every day.

Secondly, I was also dissatisfied with the generic nature of that yoga class. I got stuck doing the same poses every day with little to no progression and challenges. That might have worked for some people. But, it definitely didn’t work for me. So, I ended up quitting the class midway.

When I heard about the yoga burn challenge through a friend, I thought it’s just another under-delivering gimmicky yoga tutorial videos that produce little to no desired results. Then, my friend gave me her brief and honest yoga burn review and kind of insisted that I try it. 

Based on her words and multiple yoga burn reviews that I’ve read, this program seemed like something that I can do. I liked the fact that I can perform this routine from the comfort of my home at my own pace. Eventually, I took a leap of faith and bought my copy from Clickbank.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

Just Breath -yoga Burn Review

Yoga burn mainly focuses on eliminating the fat stored in female problem areas, including thighs, hip, and butts by performing a series of progressively challenging yoga poses. The creator Zoe refers to this strategic and progressive approach to yoga as the Dynamic Sequencing.

What Is Dynamic Sequencing?

The term ‘Dynamic Sequencing’ may sound like jargon. But, it’s not anything complicated. Dynamic sequencing is a way of doing exactly the right pose for the right amount of time in the right sequence to dynamically challenge your body without pushing too far.

In this program, you will see nine different yoga poses that are split into three phases, namely master flow, transitional flow, and mastery flow, respectively. In each phase, you will perform three yoga poses.

So you start with three basic yoga poses in the first phase. Then in the second phase, you combine those poses with three slightly more challenging poses. Finally, in the third phase, you will combine all the poses in the previous phases into a specific sequence of poses and perform them with more intensity.

Each video is 45 minutes long. You are encouraged to perform three yoga poses of a phase in a week and continue that routine for four weeks. That means each phase is four weeks long. However, it may take longer to complete a phase depending on your comfort and physical capabilities.

Let’s see how these three phases of yoga burn actually work.

Inhale And Exhale -yoga Burn Review
Phase 1 – Foundational Flow
The name of this phase itself is fairly self-explanatory. The three yoga poses in the foundational flow serve as a solid foundation for the 12-week long yoga burn journey. The poses that you learn in the foundational flow are repeated throughout the whole yoga burn routine.
The foundational flow teaches you how to execute proper form and build a strong mind-body connection to prepare you for the more challenging phases in the yoga burn program. 

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow
Transitional flow is not a complete change-up from the first phase. You start with the basic exercises that you learned in the first phase. Then, you take it up a notch by performing three fairly challenging exercises in a specific sequence. 
The three yoga poses in the transitional flow mainly focus on large muscle groups in our body, including the upper body, lower body, and core. 

Phase 3 – Mastery Flow
Mastery flow is said to be the most crucial phase of the whole yoga burn journey. This is the phase where you combine everything that you have learned in the previous phases into a specific sequence of poses and perform them with more intensity.
This phase is designed to fire up your metabolism to completely transform your body in many ways. The mastery flow phase is the toughest phase of all three phases of the yoga burn challenge. The exercises are more intense, challenging, repetitive, and fast-paced to get the most done in the shortest amount of time. 

Note: Yoga burn now provides four free powerful bonuses as a limited period offer. These bonuses are designed to produce the benefits of yoga burn even faster while making your yoga burn journey easier and enjoyable. If you buy it right now, you will get the whole package, including the bonuses at $37 from Clickbank

The Free Bonuses Are

  • Free Yoga Burn Bonus 1- Yoga Burn Follow-along Audio Classes

This bonus is intended to help you stay steady on the yoga burn track without missing a single weekly workout session even while you are on the go. You can just play it on any mobile device and continue with a yoga burn routine. It’s also an excellent way to reinforce any tips or parts that you might have missed in the main program.

  • Free Yoga Burn Bonus 2 – The Tranquility Flow

This is a unique set of sequences and poses that are designed to immediately de-stress you and to help you go about your day with ease and calmness. This program won’t necessarily burn a lot of calories or dramatically improve your physical health. But, it complements the main program perfectly when it comes to stress release.

  • Free Yoga Burn Bonus 3 – Immersion Community

Immersion is a community of thousands of like-minded women who are on the journey of transforming and reshaping their bodies. This is an ongoing support group of women where you can get the answers to all your questions, receive real-time tips, and individual coaching in every step of the way of your transformation.

  • Free Yoga Burn Bonus 4 – Yoga Burn Monthly

Yoga burn monthly is a follow-along video that introduces you to some of the best and powerful styles of yoga. This DVD is designed to deliver the countless benefits that yoga has to offer. The yoga styles included in this bonus package are restorative yoga, Hatha, kundalini, ashtanga, vinyasa, and Iyengar yoga.

  • Free Yoga Burn Bonus – Beginner Flow

This bonus is aimed at those who like to start their yoga journey slowly and comfortably. This 45 minutes long video includes some relatively basic and easy to follow yoga poses that help beginners enhance their skills and make their yoga burn journey easier.

  • Free Yoga Burn Bonus – Pose Tutorials

This is another bonus package that is aimed mainly at beginners. This free bonus teaches you 21 yoga poses in a detailed step by step manner. The yoga poses in this bonus are designed to improve your form, structure, and flexibility immensely.

What’s Included In The Yoga Burn Package?

One thing that I liked the most about this whole package is that you get the tutorial videos in both physical and downloadable formats. This is especially beneficial when you are traveling or out of town. 

This way, you don’t have to skip a single day of workout whenever or wherever you are.  You can either watch it from the DVD or play it on any mobile device, whichever works for you.

So for $37, you will get a yoga burn DVD videos, downloadable content, and access to four powerful bonuses. The complete yoga burn package includes

  • Yoga burn Digital plus Physical
  • Yoga burn follow-along audio classes
  • The tranquility flow follow-along videos
  • Beginner Flow follow-along videos
  • Pose tutorials videos
  • Yoga burn monthly follow-along videos
  • Access to the exclusive immersion community

If you want to buy two copies of the yoga burn program, now is the best time. Now, you can buy two copies of the program for $57 with all the free bonuses.

Another important note: if you feel like yoga burn doesn’t work for you, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of the date of purchase. You will get a full refund on a no question asked policy. So, take advantage of that.

Yoga Burn Review

My Experience With Yoga Burn

 Yoga In Sunset -yoga Burn Review

When I decided to buy yoga burn, I wasn’t thinking that this program will magically get me into great shape and improve my physical and mental health tremendously. However, I had certain expectations regarding the level of intensity and efficacy of yoga burn program. 

In this yoga burn review, I’m going to explain if yoga burn has met my expectations or not, or it has exceeded my expectations. This yoga burn review will be a phase by phase review of the yoga burn program. 

So, let’s begin with the most basic question.

Is Yoga Burn Easy Or Hard?

Yoga Girl -Yoga Burn Review For 2020

Some yoga burn reviews that I’ve read make this program seem like a cakewalk. But, is yoga burn that easy to follow?. 

Well, yoga burn isn’t a magic pill. You need to put the work in. To me, it didn’t feel exactly as easy as those yoga burn reviews tell you. It took me a bit to get used to it. That doesn’t mean it’s hard either. It was moderately manageable and fine for me.

I’m not saying those yoga burn reviews are false. Maybe it was easy for them. For me, it wasn’t too easy or too hard. I would say that I was able to complete the whole regime pretty conveniently. However, yoga burn is undoubtedly way easier than other traditional weight loss regimes.

The first phase (foundational flow) is the easiest phase of all the three phases of yoga burn. Then, the intensity level of the exercises will increase with each phase. The purpose of this technique is to force your body to change and adapt to burn more calories progressively, which in turn, helps to eliminate the fat in your body quickly. 

Phase 1 – Foundational Flow Review

For someone who doesn’t like working out (me), the first phase of yoga burn ( foundational flow) was moderately manageable. Prior to the first phase, I had also followed the beginner flow and pose tutorials of the bonus package. That helped me kickstart the first phase conveniently

Although the program encourages you to complete each phase in 4 weeks, It took me five weeks to complete the first phase comfortably. I think that actually helped me adapt to the next phase better.

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow Review

In the second phase, the exercises got harder. The first two weeks of the second phase was a kind of a struggle to get through. Although the poses in the first phase and second phase are linked together perfectly, the transition from one pose to another is pretty quick. So, it can be a bit exhausting at times. 

Also, the exercises in this phase focus on the upper body, lower body, and core. In the beginning, I felt a bit of soreness around those areas. But, it went away pretty quickly.

Phase 3 – Mastery Flow Review

The videos in the third phase have a different layout from the previous videos. Not only is there more repetition of each pose, but also the phase itself is fast-paced and more challenging. Imaginably, this phase is more difficult than the others. As a result, you will burn more calories in this stage. 

So, Is Yoga Burn Effective?

I can only talk about my experience with yoga burn. So based on my 13-week long experience with this program, I would say that I am pretty satisfied with this yoga burn fitness system for women. 

As I said before, I had some expectations about this program. I wasn’t expecting yoga burn to dramatically boost my overall physical and mental health immensely. In that regard, yoga burn has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. 

Although I haven’t experienced all the proposed benefits of yoga burn, I have lost about 21 pounds in 13 weeks. I don’t get sick or feel pain as much as I used to. Overall, I feel more vibrant and relaxed most of the time. I don’t know if all that’s because of yoga burn or because just doing some physical activities routinely. Either way, the results are evident.

Here is how much pounds that I have lost in each phase

After the first phase ( 5 weeks )      – 6 lbs
After the second phase ( 9 weeks) – 7 lbs (13 lbs in total)
After the third phase ( 13 weeks)    – 8 lbs ( 21 lbs in total)

As for the bonuses, they complement the main program perfectly. The tranquility flow has been a lifesaver for me many times. Whenever I feel stressed out or anxious, I would perform the poses in the tranquility and feel calm within minutes. 

Based on my 13-week long experience with the yoga burn routine, I’ve listed all the things that I liked and disliked about this program. It’s sort of a brief yoga burn review.

  • Specially tailored for women of all ages and fitness levels
  • Tutorials are available in physical and digital formats
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Moderately easy to follow
  • It can be performed from anywhere at any time
  • The author is internationally certified and experienced
  • Affordable, only costs $37
  • Free powerful bonuses
  • 60-days no questions asked refund policy
  • The routine needs to be maintained consistently
  • It may not work for advanced yogis
  • There are no instructions on diet change or food choices
  • It may take time to see all the benefits of yoga burn.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Yoga Burn?

If I have to list the main qualities that make a fitness program worth buying, I would say it should be effective, easy to follow, safe, adaptable, and affordable. So, if a fitness program checks all these boxes, in my opinion, that program is worth buying. 

Now, the question is, does yoga burn check all these boxes? Or, more specifically, is yoga burn worth spending your money on?

Well, Based on my experience, I would say that yoga burn somewhat checks all these boxes. I won’t say that yoga burn is perfect. You may not experience all the proposed benefits of yoga burn in just 12 weeks. But you will still feel a considerable boost in your physical and mental health.

That said, yoga burn is not a magic pill. You will only experience the true potential of yoga burn if you are ready to commit and follow the routine regularly. If that’s ok with you, you are very likely to experience the powerful benefits of yoga burn.

To summarize this yoga burn review, I can say that yoga burn is undoubtedly one of the best weight loss/fitness development programs out there. It’s effective, moderately easy to follow, adaptable, and surprisingly affordable ( cost only $37, including the bonuses).

So, if you are a woman hoping to lose weight without going to a gym, yoga, or pilates classes, yoga burn is undoubtedly a worthy option for you. You won’t be disappointed.

If you wish to buy the ‘ Yoga Burn’ program, don’t miss out on the latest offers and free bonuses. You can find the best price from the link below.

 Frequently Asked Questions YOGA BURN

Who Is Yoga Burn For? 

Yoga burn is specially made for women of all ages and fitness levels to get fitter, healthier, and feel relaxed without any gym sessions, yoga classes, pills, powders, or weight lifting. 

What Makes Yoga Burn Different From Yoga Classes?

First of all, yoga burn is designed exclusively for women, which isn’t the case with most yoga classes. Yoga burn can also save yourself from all the hassle, effort, time, and aggravation that are associated with the process of getting to a yoga class on time. 
You can perform all these exercises from the comfort of your own home at your convenience and pace

How Long Will It Take To See The Results of Yoga burn?

If followed yoga burn correctly, you can feel considerable differences in your body even after the first couple of weeks. Although for the best results, it’s advised to continue the program for 12 consecutive weeks.

Where Can I Buy Yoga Burn?

For the best price and free bonuses, I’d recommend you buy yoga burn from Clickbank. Clickbank is a prominent internet retailer and e-commerce platform that has been serving millions of customers all around the world for the last 17 years. 

What If Yoga Burn Doesn’t Work For Me?

If you think yoga burn isn’t working for you, you can simply apply for a refund by contacting the yoga burn team via mail or toll-free number within 60 days of your purchase. Then, you will receive a full refund on a no questions asked policy within 48 hours. You will have to return the physical version of the yoga burn within 60 days of your purchase.